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Real Customer Feedback: Read What Some Stealth Members Have To Say…

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I have bought the stealth guide, and I love it. I hate reading in general, as it always always always puts me to sleep. This eBook keeps me interested in how to get around the obstacles between me and my money. I have learned that eBay and PayPal are some tricky SOBs in how they track things I have read through the book 3 times now, and I still plan on reading it more and more. Everytime I read it I pick up on something new. I am glad that I found this, and I look forward to having my army of eBay accounts. Thank you Aspkin and all the active contributing members of this forum. I definitely plan on sticking around and hopefully be able to contribute back.
Will be selling more accounts after the holidays are over!
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aspkin (05-13-2013)
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Purchased the stealth book this afternoon and I must say Hell yeah!

This is exactly what I have needed after having ****loads of accounts with feebay over the years banned/removed whatever.

I am left with the feeling that it is now ebay who will be answering to me!

My view to anyone who has not yet purchased the book or who is humming and harring whether to buy it or not all I can say is more fool you for delaying.

My message to ebay: Revenge is a dish best served cold! – I’m Back!!

Get off your ass and buy this book if you have not already done so.

Apskin you need a knighthood my man.

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aspkin (02-15-2013)
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Smile Back on Ebay thanks to this awesome e-book!

One of the best investments I’ve ever made was this Ebay Steath E-book. Just follow directions carefully and it will work for you too. Back on Ebay for almost 2 years becoming a Power Seller and High Rated Seller. Trust me, you can try to sell on other sites, but not one of them gets the sales and attention like Ebay not even Amazon. Amazon is close but Ebay still outranks them in sales for the at home businesses. Try the book and follow instructions and you can be back on Ebay!
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What Exactly Is EBay Stealth?

EBay Stealth is a private, members-only step-by-step blueprint that teaches you how to get back on eBay (PayPal) in an easy to understand format ANYONE can follow. There is no Fluff or wasting your time. We get straight to the point by providing solutions for ALL eBay marketplaces. You get 24/7 support to help you each step of the way.

We pioneered stealth. We are the stealth experts! With over 50k stealth members and tens of thousands of successful ‘eBay Stealth’ users… we have you covered!


Get Back On EBay And Stay On!
Learn how to get back on eBay (PayPal) no matter your skill level.

Verified & Confirmed!

Verify your eBay and PayPal accounts without compromising your identity! Get the updated list of working credit cards and banking options for EVERY country.

Get Around SSN Requirements

Troubled by SSN Requirements? Don’t Be! Overcome these obstacles with our proven strategies. Don’t abandon another account just because you can’t provide a SSN.. we’ll show you another way!

Sell with Multiple Accounts Safely

Learn how to create multiple eBay and PayPal accounts the right way, without linking or requiring constant verification. Double or triple your sales overnight!

Sell Without Getting Suspended

Learn how to sell whatever you want while minimizing your chances of having items removed. I’m looking at your VeRO sellers!

Prevent Account Linking

I show you how to prevent your accounts from ever being linked and suspended again! You’ll sell more with fewer problems… you’re going to love this!

Learn to be Fully Anonymous

Cloak your online presence, not only for eBay but for anywhere else you might go online. Protect your identity from online scammers and hackers.

Stealth Refreshed & Updated!

Things change and with that you NEED updated information. We work tirelessly to keep eBay Stealth fresh and ALWAYS up to date. Enjoy monthly updates with your purchase of eBay Stealth.

Accounts For Any Country

Get the exact steps to create accounts for ANY country. Operate stealth accounts ANYWHERE in the world to overcome local restrictions.

Must Have Selling Tools

Sell faster and with fewer problems with these amazing selling tools. Operate as many stealth accounts as you like without having to log into eBay.

…and much more!

Breakdown of eBay Stealth:

eBay Stealth teaches you step-by-step how to get back on eBay and PayPal no matter your technical level (stealth works for EVERY country!)

  • 1

    Getting Started with STEALTH

    Whether you’re working on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Your first step is to understand how eBay and PayPal tracking works and how to overcome that obstacle. Easy to follow videos and documentation makes that effortless.

  • 2

    Step-by-Step Account Creation

    Next we’ll go over all the details needed to create your stealth eBay (PayPal) account. Each step includes several alternative and optional methods to build solid eBay (PayPal) accounts.

  • 3

    Working with Your Stealth Account

    Last we show you how to take things to the next level and how to properly work with your stealth account. We’ll cover overcoming selling limits, SSN Requirements (US Sellers), Calling eBay, Phone Verification How-To and much more!

Clear, step-by-step instructions so you know where to start and what to do next.


Join the community of stealth members (over 50k members and growing fast!)
Bonus #1: Selling Limits Exposed!

Get around eBay’s seller limits with these hidden tricks and strategies. Avoid the pitfalls that cause lowered seller limits. You’re going to love this!

Bonus #2: Under The Radar

Learn how eBay works to assess and shut down high-risk sellers and what you can do to prevent this from happening to you. That means selling more with fewer problems.

Bonus #3: Bonus Guides!

Over 20 pages of the most requested bonus guides! Increase your Seller limits, Calling eBay How-To, Overcome SSN Requirements, Best VCCs to Use, Recommended Services and More!

Bonus #4: EBay Suspension Forum (6-Month Subscription)

Get access to the eBay Suspension Forums Subscribed [VIP] support area. These are hidden forums away from the public that ONLY stealth member's can access!

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re absolutely sure that eBay Stealth will help you get back on eBay and stay on that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 60 days. Simply contact us. No funny business. We will always refund your money. Give it a try…

You have nothing to lose!



Reviews below are from real users.
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Default Ebay Stealth-A Must Have!

I’m a moderate seller, made two mistakes & my account was gone! totalled! I couldn’t beleive it & like many, It hit so hard. “eBay Stealth” has revived me & about to revive my pocket I’m no computer whiz, I have Dyslexia & the layout it perfect with easy guide instructions, don’t lose out another day, Stealth is a must have!
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aspkin (06-10-2012)
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Default Re: Who bought the “Ebay Stealth” book and what did you think of it?

I bought it yesterday its worth every penny. Already a way through building my first stealth account.
If the one thing I remind myself now which I found to be the common thread is slowly slowly and act like a NOOB.
I have completed all the verification steps yet but the way I see it thats a good thing just doing a little at time.
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Default Re: Who bought the “Ebay Stealth” book and what did you think of it?

I owe everything to Aspkin

Honest this ebook is pure gold no exaggeration
So good, Helped me to once again produce an income

For those who rely on ebay as a sole income the ebook is a must!

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Beanieuk1 (11-06-2014)
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Default Re: Who bought the “Ebay Stealth” book and what did you think of it?

I would just like to add my 2 pence.

When I found this forum, I was extremely cynical. I thought it all sounded similar to those get rich quick schemes, where you pay out initially but get nothing in return. It was cheap enough to buy and take the risk but I didn’t want to be kicking myself afterwards if it went tits up.

I decided I had nothing to lose. The guide was simple to read, I read each step slowly and took notes on each. I bullet pointed each main area of stealth and how I would personally overcome it. Ie new phone number = buy cheap sim from pound land.

I read this forum, took it VERY slowly listing items until I had enough feedback to become a business seller again. Now I know the guide is worth every penny.

If I had to summarise it, i’d say
The guide gives you the knowledge to create stealth accounts, but the forum teaches you how to maintain them.

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aspkin (09-02-2014)
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Cool Re: Who bought the “Ebay Stealth” book and what did you think of it?

I have noticed a couple of folks saying the book is expensive. I completely understand as when I came across this forum and the book I had just lost my family’s bread and butter for the past several years so I thought long and hard before purchasing. It was a lot of money not knowing if it would work. I wish I had not even hesitated and I am SO glad I took that chance and plunked down the cash.

I was back up and running in no time and continue to re-read and learn every day thanks to the fantastic resources here on this forum. I literally went from less than nothing to building my way back to a positive balance again. I am not quite back to the former glory but soon will be, and there is no way that would have ever happened without investing in the book.

This forum is great but the step by step explanations and in-depth info in the book is well worth the price and then some. You DO have to spend money to make money so look at it as a much-needed business expense that you will can earn back many times over very soon by following the book and scouring the forums.

Take the plunge and if you have questions, ask. The people here on the forum have (almost) all no doubt been where you are and are a phenomenal resource.

Edited to add: I just recently picked up the Ama.zon book too and will be tackling that beast soon. Again, WELL worth the price!

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aspkin (09-02-2014)
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Default Re: Who bought the “Ebay Stealth” book and what did you think of it?

Bought it in January after eBay farted on me AGAIN!! Stopped EVERYTHING and DEVOURED the book-going back and forth to the forum- Have 3 accounts open-more to come. I was a “duh” without the book. I am a “stealth student” now. Thanks- Thanks-Thanks
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Default Re: Who bought the “Ebay Stealth” book and what did you think of it?

I bought the book AFTER I was banned! If I had bought the book before I would never have been banned and would not have lost any money at all. If you’re thinking of selling on ebay then buy the book, it will save you a ton of headaches.
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aspkin (05-06-2014)
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Default Re: Who bought the “Ebay Stealth” book and what did you think of it?

The stealth book is an excellent way to inform yourself about how ebay and paypal operates. It is full of tried and true instructions and alternatives that work if you follow the instructions. I could have saved myself untold misery if I had the book before. I am grateful to the author as well as to all the others who contribute to the site with their information. As we all know, information is a constant thing and new ideas and opinions are greatly appreciated. I would and continue to recommend it for anyone having difficulties with ebay and/or paypal.
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Default Re: Who bought the “Ebay Stealth” book and what did you think of it?

Originally Posted by smartbro View Post
Can the eBay Stealth have also the information for newbie like me that wants to start selling in ebay?
another question, I am from the Philippines is it ok?

I just bought the book last night and have gone through it almost twice. Did not know that such a thing existed until I did some research. If you are new, it’s the best book you can buy to get started. I can assure you that I had I known about the book BEFORE drawing the short straw in the “who gets suspended today” game, I would not have hesitated to make the purchase. If you want to be successful and profitable over time, get the book. Read it. Take action. Use the forum. Best book on ebay selling I have ever read (and I’ve read a few of them that cost a whole heck of a lot more).

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aspkin (10-27-2013)
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Default Re: Who bought the “Ebay Stealth” book and what did you think of it?

i bought it today, – please read this….:
i have been a full time seller-ebayer since 2002 and have had around 20-30 accounts, most have been restricted suspended or had got so rubbish with feedback i have simply abandoned them. the reason? no i dont sell high risk things nor do i sell imported Chinese cr@p, i simply do house clearances and sell around 50% of my secondhand goods on the bay. and i try to list things honestly and all my auctions start at 99p if its untested i will say. simple! problems arise when people try to blackmail me into giving some money back expect new wine moan and tell outright lies ( i try not to take it personalty but its hard )… im sure you all know and have encountered the same. i call it middle-class theft.
i fell on the forum because ebay restricted my business account because of some (unfair) bad feedback and i hesitantly purchased the bible- i mean ebay stealth book and have since been putting it all into place, it has opened my eyes and ive found it very very useful my only regret is i didn’t buy it sooner!!!
thank you !!!!!
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the ebook + this community will have you set up in no time. They are extremely helpful.

These two resources are a must if you want to be a successful stealfer. IMO, that is. I wasn’t going to purchase the book at first ( I was going to try and be superman).

Good thing i did though, i would have been wasting A LOT of time.

And like we say here in the U.S, time is money. (Not sure if they use that quote in other places lol.. so please do not hold me on that)

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I bought the Stealth eBook. I liked it very much. It’s a very good reference, and not too long either. It’s just as long as it needs to be to give you all the info you need. It doesn’t have any pointless filler info so it wont take you too long to read – it remains a great reference for me to this day. The things it talks about are useful not just for making stealth eBay accounts, but also for staying anonymous on the Internet in general.
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aspkin (11-26-2012)
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I have posted here a few times… But I truly cannot say enough how this place along with the book has totally changed my life and the future life of my daughter. I am very thankful to so many here….

Best decision I have ever made!

“Mark 11.24 Whatsoever ye desire, believe that ye have it, and it is yours”
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I have had both Amazon and Ebay books for almost a year. I have only lost an accounts on either..once for not following a suggestion already in the book and otherwise for selling too much too fast. Don’t be sloppy or cut corners thats all I can say. Everything works perfectly if you follow the book.

I have 4 accounts on each now for quite sometime. I make decent money but I don’t over do it and I don’t sell risky items. If you build slowly I think you can safely rebuild your business

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Default Great book!

I have Ebay and Amazon books and they are so good!! I can’t even imagine the time it would take and endless accounts to find out all that detailed info. All the trial and error that must go into that kind of book. VERY thorough and informative…..absolutely worth buying!

With that said IMO I think you need to always go into stealth accounts with the attitude that you will lose them eventually and sell accordingly. (Not that its guaranteed to happen) I am still not nearly as experienced as many on here so maybe I’m wrong but I just think its best to think this way. If you lose one (many) you just keep plugging away. If you have lots of money or time (remember eggs in one basket) in an account without preparing that any day you could get that dreaded email that your account is closed you will be devastated. I am trying to do my best to keep mine going but still expecting it to be disposable… just my 2 cents!

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aspkin (08-07-2012)
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I purchased Stealth 800’ish days ago and I am still running strong! I have said before that Stealth has been nothing short of a blessing for me! Besides being on the site, I break no rules, and still make a very comfortable second income!
At the time of my departure from Ebay, like most of us for NO reason, I was in dire need to sell my products/items. Although they are ‘higher end’ items…I make a dollar and so does both Ebay/PP. So we all profit and everyone is happy until you make the slightest mistake and you get MC’d!

To anyone NEW reading this….please READ your STEALTH over a few times before asking questions. There are plenty of Professionals here to help and these guys really know their stuff, but please read first then ask.

Secondly, take your time! I made it a point to read, ask questions, read more, WRITE DOWN & TAKE NOTES, be organized, and don’t get in such a hurry to sell. I’m telling you from experience, that if you get GREEDY without having and recalling the knowledge of Stealth, you’ll go down.
I read, I asked my fair share of questions and GreenBean and many others can tell you, but I waited 6 months before I was sure and ready to go and I’m still selling and buying.

Good Luck

To know when to do battle..
and when to walk away..
is the true Art-of-War..
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Default Who bought the “Ebay Stealth” book and what did you think of it?

(I bought it yesterday, and my evaluation of it is below…)

I have always been afraid of anything “ebook” assuming that it’s a scam or marketing thing… or that they are worthless instruments like recipies, pictures, or paperclips used in penny auctions for feedback.

But after years of trial-and-error of Ebay accounts (and I’ve learned, lost, and listed an incredible amount over the years) I consider myself having a master’s degree in Ebay BS, and bought the book just to see if there are any little tricks I might have overlooked. (When you spend an average cost/waste of $5 everytime you buy a prepaid card, or $35/6mo for a PO Box (or $100 for the year as some PO’s have a minimum, which I just paid) then $30something for a comprehensive list of “tricks” is nothing.

Let me say if you’re thinking about buying an Ebay account or starting a second one or are going to make a few to set aside for a “rainy day” then don’t even bother until you’ve read the “eBay Stealth” book. It’s almost 50 pages, very well done, and not at all the same thing as the ebooks in Ebay penny auctions. There are no sales add-ons like 200 pages of “wholesale sources” at the end, etc…….

I’ve seen the ads in my Google searches for the longest of time, but assumed there were so many versions that people bought and sold again so I never bothered. I bought it on a whim 2 days ago (after becoming a member of this site) and HIGHLY recommend it, as there were several things that even I didnt know.

It reads like a “…. for Dummies” book in the way that if you dont understand something all you have to do is go back and read it slowly and you will get it.

100% NOT clipped and pasted from somewhere else, 100% professional and there are no hidden aggendas for offering it (like other links and downloads inside the book for other products). SOLID info, well organized and I learned a lot from it, even with my years of experience.

The only down sides that I can think of was that 1) you can’t pay for it with Paypal (which I wouldn’t anyways, obvious reasons) so you have to have a credit card handy and 2) if it would have said $37 next to the ad I would have bought it a long time ago, at least out of curiosity. Anyone who’s either bought an established account or bought a ton of junk for the sake of feedbacks on an account they started themselves knows that a few $100 is not bad, and that $37 is NOTHING when it comes to a secure Ebay account. Sure there are the 5 or 10 things that are common sense, or that you can learn from reading on the internet, but there are a LOT of things that I didnt know. Things I didnt realize DONT matter, and things that DO.

Anyway, I wrote all that just so that anyone else on the fence knows that the book is both CHEAP and what I’d consider the BEST. Dont even BOTHER to start or buy another account before breezing through it.

I’m sure a lot of other buyers of the book would agree, if just given a place to say so. This website is very informative and great for new thoughts and discussion, but the book is the BEST. DEFINITELY the place to start.

Anyone else bought it?

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Default Will save time, money and aggravation

I have been on the forums for a few months, and I finally bought the guide. I thought I was pretty knowledgable about creating stealth accounts, but I found several tips that I was unaware of.

The bottom line is, you could pick up much of this info by reading the forums, but it would take a long time, and you would have to ask several questions. Even then, this guide could probably teach you a thing or two.

As a business decision, buying this was a no-brainer. It takes time and money to create a stealth account PROPERLY and then you have to know how to work it to lessen the chances of getting shut down. This guide will easily save me much more than its cost in the future. It can also be very enlightening in other ways, it could give you ideas.

You could even buy a ready made account, but then what? One slight mistake, and it becomes instantly worthless. Whether you buy an account or create your own, this guide will help. At $37, it is cheap for the knowledge gained.

With this base of klnowledge, you can then use the forums more effectively, in order to keep up to date on the latest developments, rather than spending tons of time trying to piece things together.

Think of it this way… Is it worth $37 to you to keep an account active? Or, is it worth $37 to know how to lessen your risk of being banned by PayPal with them holding your funds for 180 days?

I personally feel this guide provides 30% of its value by teaching you how to create a stealth account and 70% in teaching you how to keep it.

I wish I had bought it sooner. Reading the forums is great, but it is not really a substitute for the guide. The forums merely enhance its value.

Just my opinion….

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I hesitated due to finance problems – but i can honestly say that without it you are very likely to fail and its worth every penny.

1. Its well written.
2. Layout & order of subjects is concise.
3. Is not long-winded – gets to the point.
4. In-depth – nothing is missed, or if something is out of date slightly, you can always get the answer on here.
5. You develop a more postive outlook on the whole thing – takes away your confusion & lowers your stress levels as you know what you are going to be doing IS GOING TO WORK

I purchased just yesterday and i already feel heaps better – im even sniggering to myself now everytime i think of e;.b (i was crying – really).


Good Luck to You All

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